Grants and scholarships

The information on grants and scholarships provided in this section pertains only to students from the Catalan university system, not to students on mobility programmes who are visiting Catalan universities.

The Government of Catalonia and the universities offer various grants and scholarships to facilitate language learning and make it more accessible. 

The foreign language programme Parla3 was approved by the Inter-university Council of Catalonia and involves the participation of all Catalan universities and the Secretariat for Universities and Research. It helps university students to gain knowledge at level B2 of English, French, German and Italian during their bachelor’s degrees. It includes grants for examinations to certify B2 proficiency and for courses in foreign languages taught in Catalan universities, Official Schools of Languages (EOI) or the Open Institute of Catalonia (IOC). Grants can be applied for through the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR).

The Government of Catalonia also awards grants for international mobility, called MOBINT. These are grants for students of Catalan universities who have been selected for a period of study in another country, to contribute to their expenses.

Catalan universities also offer students other grants and scholarships to learn languages and for international mobility. If you have any questions about these grants, please contact the language service.

You can find further information on these grants on the Canal Universitats website: