Links for questions about courses

University of Barcelona: 
Languages at the UB

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona: 
English courses - UAB Languages

Technical University of Catalonia: 
Contact the Language and Terminology Service

Pompeu Fabra University: 
Contact - UPF Idiomes

University of Girona: 
Courses offered [link in Catalan]

University of Lleida: 
Cursos a l'Institut de Llengües [link in Catalan]

Rovira i Virgili University: 
Contact and office hours

Ramon Llull University: 
URL language services

Open University of Catalonia: 
Aprender idiomas [link in Spanish]

Universitat de Vic-Central de Catalunya: 
Escola d'Idiomes (UVic Campus) [link in Catalan]
Servei d'Idiomes (UManresa Campus) [link in Catalan]

International University of Catalonia: 
Language courses

Abat Oliba University: 
Language Service